Thursday, 1 November 2012




10. Uganda:

9. Kenya: Kenya is the second strongest Nation in East Africa Economically

8. Ghana:

7. Ethiopia: Ethiopia once was considered the strongest country in East Africa.

6. Tanzania: Tanzania has the most powerful army in East Africa; Tanzania has the 3rd largest army in number troops after Ethiopia, and Eritrea, and recently considered the second in equipment after Kenya, but with more well trained troops. The recent estimation shows that Tanzania is the country in East-Africa followed by Ethiopia.

5. Nigeria: Nigeria has the second largest army by number of troops, but due to political instability and lack of equipment Nigeria has appear to be the 5th strongest country in Africa. It has been estimated that in year 2013-2018 Nigeria may get weaker.

4 Morocco:

3. Egypt: According to recent study, Egypt is considered to be the second most powerful country in Africa. For many years Egypt has been the first strongest country in the continent of Africa. With number of troops exceed that of South Africa, and more suppliers from countries such as United States, Russia, France, China, Italy and United Kingdom, political instability has made an affect to Egyptian Armed Forces. This includes Egyptian Army, Egyptian Navy, Egyptian Air Force and Egyptian Air Defense Command. Egypt had increased their Armed Forces budget from $3.9 billion to $5.85 billion within the last five years before the Arab spring.

 2. Angola

1. South Africa:  
South Africa( Most powerful army in Africa; has Nuclear capability. Had a budget on army of $7.21 billion in 2003 . Trained by Israeli, and British, South African solders are more armed and more trained than any other country's soldiers.
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  1. 1 in africa the most and the best military strong coutry in africa is Ethiopia because it has more experiansed than the ather as you can see egypt or else ather coutry in africa like Egypt only military equpiment ;logestic but not have human power ,when have u seen Ethiopia no aford or afrid to war front they simply break any military strength on over war front and troops without any coomplent ;and Egypt has won by Ethioipa so many times and also by Israil
    2 The 2nd strongest coutry in africa with in militray and as their economy is South Africa no choice to ather it simply
    3 Erteria

    4 Egypt but has no streagth and they afraid war we know about Egypt tropes war history Egypt win so many times by Ethiopia

    1. ethiopia is completely nothing compared to Eritrea .Eritrea defeated ethiopia so there is no way ethiopia is better than eritrea

  2. In the world America is the most powerful in technical and tecnolgical effects but when have u seen Ethiopia ground force in war front i teel u the truth danger to any war;America ground force has no resist to Ethiopian forces so Ethiopian ground force and Israil air force in the world is the best than any; Egypt military is symbol and no more than political propagada like it is pesdopoda(false leg based on atehr coutry and help by America that has no base to war ) ;Rusia has best army and also has poweful next up follow China............

    1. you missanderstand go on youtube to see the hell of egyptian army >

  3. "Ethiopia once was considered the strongest country in East Africa." yeah until Eritrea came along and changed everything up...

  4. u are wrong Egypt is the strongest army in Africa and its army is number 14 of the world and there is no comparison between south Africa and Egypt ( ) these link to see the diffrance i idvice you to search on youtube >thanks